How do I apply?

We give you the option to apply online, over the phone or in person. To apply online simply click here to complete our online application form. To apply over the phone, simply call us on 1300 844 970. If you would like to apply in person, visit our office at Level 2/2-18 National Dr, Dandenong South VIC 3175.

What will be my nominal interest rate?

Your loan offer will state your nominal interest rate along with associated fees and charges. Interest rates are calculated using risk variables such as: the strength of your loan application, the asset purchased, loan purpose and credit position.

Do I need a deposit?

In most cases a deposit is NOT required. The holding deposits you leave the supplier can be refunded and the full amount will be financed. In some instances, if you are moving on from poor credit history a deposit may be required

How do I consolidate debt?

If you want to consolidate smaller debts into one handy repayment, we can help. Depending on the total value of the debt you want to consolidate we can find a solution to consolidate the debt into your mortgage (if you have one) or into a debt 

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How much is stamp duty?

Stamp duty fees vary between different states and territories. Stamp duty is a fee relating to the transfer of land or property which is charged by the government. We can help you identify how much stamp duty you might need to pay when you make an enquiry.

When can I refinance?

Refinancing is a great way to reduce interest repayments or achieve something like renovate or purchase a new car. If you are not sure if you qualify for a refinance, we can help assess your borrowing position. Refinancing does not take as long as a standard home loan application, however, you still need to meet lending criteria. Some banks are more flexible than others.

I got declined at the car dealership, can you still help?

Yes! If you have been declined for finance at a car dealership there are usually many options from other banks and lenders which can assist you in financing your new or used car. Dealership finance departments can only offer a small range of loan options that are not tailored to suit different types of borrowers. So, if you have been declined at the dealership, don’t let that discourage you from finding alternative options. Talk to us.

What types of loans do you have?

In short, just about any type of loan or finance solution you need. You can work with our team to find new or used car loans, ABN loans, motorbike loans, caravan loans, horse float loans, marine loans, debt consolidation loans, home loans, medical loans, travel loans, and more! Need a loan? Get in touch.

What ID documents do I need to provide?

Most lenders will require 2 forms of ID for proof of identity such as a driver’s license and a passport. You may also need to provide some supplementary identification documents which can include utility bills, birth certificate or a health card. Our brokers will provide detailed support to you in situations where you may be struggling to get the right documents together.

What are the minimum and maximum repayments I can make?

Minimum and maximum repayments will always depend on a range of factors. These include your income, your credit score, the value of the loan and your other debts and assets. If you know what you can afford per week, or if you would like to find out, we can do the calculations for you

Can I apply if I am not currently working?

Yes! On our panel of lenders, we have a range of financiers with more flexible lending criteria than others. Whether you work full-time, part-time, casually, are self-employed or currently not working, talk to our team and tell us what you are trying to achieve. We’ll do everything we can to help.

Can I apply if I can a debt agreement in place?

If you have a current or past debt agreement with a third party, or a Part 9 debt agreement, you may be surprised to know that there are lenders who can help. In these situations, traditional banks may not provide approval, however, there other may other types of lenders who we can turn to.

How does the National Finance and Loan process work?

Once we have your full loan application and compliance documentation completed, we will refer to our comprehensive lending panel to ensure we are dealing with a lender best suited to your needs. Your best suited lender will be in continued discussion with us regarding your loan application. Our team will provide you with 

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What employment types are acceptable?

All employment types are acceptable. Full-time, part-time, casual, contract, ABN, contractors, self-employed business owners and more. We have a lending panel of over 20 banks and financiers. In just about every case we can match your 

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What if I have bad credit?

We will discuss your credit file and credit history with you in detail. In most cases a previously poor credit history or a credit file with payment defaults will NOT prevent you from obtaining a loan. Our large lending panel allows us to discuss your 

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What is LMI?

LMI is short for Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Lenders Mortgage Insurance is a fee charged by banks and lenders when a borrower wants to borrow more than 80% of the total home value. LMI is a fee that provides protection to banks. The best 

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Can I change banks?

Changing banks is easier than you may think, depending on lending criteria and your current situation. Before you make the switch, it’s best to speak to us for advice on which bank may suit your needs best. Are you looking for certain features like online banking or no monthly fees? Our panel of lenders is diverse, we can help you make the switch today!

How long does the approval process take?

Depending on the type of loan you apply for, if we have all your documents ready to go, we can usually provide you with an indication for approval between 24 hours and 48 hours from application.

What if I have been bankrupt?

If you are currently bankrupt or if you have been bankrupted in the past, there are still loan options available to you. The difference is that you might not have as many options and it’s likely that you can’t get the lowest interest rate possible. We can help identify which lenders can help get you a loan.

Can you help me with insurance?

Loan protection insurance is something we can assist with. Loan protection insurance can provide peace of mind when you are faced with an unforeseen event that can affect your ability to make repayments comfortably.

Can I apply with an ABN?

Our panel of over 20 lenders features financiers who are specialised in lending to ABN holders, contractors and self-employed business owners. The approval process does not require traditional proof of income documents and we’ll take care of the entire process for you so you can focus on running your business.

How fast is the application process?

Depending on the type of loan you are applying for and how ready you are with your documents, the application process usually takes no longer than 24 hours. We’re committed to getting your loan approved as quickly as possible.

What if I have already been declined by a bank?

Most people make the mistake of thinking they can’t get finance if they have been declined. You can. We will help identify your options so you can still reach your goal. If you’re declined you simply need to do more research and have strategic knowledge about the right lenders to turn to, which is where we come in. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

I don’t know my credit score; how do I find out?

You can request your credit score from us or go directly through a credit bureau who can provide a credit report via email or post. Not sure, just ask!