A recent survey by whichcar.com.au has revealed tradies’ top picks for utes in 2018. Are you in the market for a new ute for your business? Check out which utes over 800 tradies, Australia wide voted for!

Toyota Hilux

In the whichcar.com.au survey over 39% of tradies voted for the Toyota Hilux as the top choice for work vehicles. The Hilux is said to be the perfect all-rounder for contractors and ABN holders who use their vehicle for both work and leisure. Many love the Toyota Hilux because of its versatility to be customized to suit a wide range of uses. Its towing capabilities have been rated one of the best in Australia.

The Toyota Hilux is available in both 2 and 4 door models with up to five seats perfectly suited for the family.

Ford Ranger

Voted by 12% of tradies as the second most popular Ute in 2018, the Ford Ranger offers a unique combination of style and utility making it another great allrounder for contractors and business owners. If you are looking for a Ute that you can customize to make your own, the Ford Ranger might be the model for you as it comes with a range of fit-out options.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

As a recent winner of the 4X4 Australia’s 2017 4×4 of the Year Award, the Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series is built tough to withstand the harshest of climates and working environments. With over 10% of the votes for 2018’s popular ute, the Toyota LandCruiser is becoming a popular option among tradies looking for durability and grit.

Brand new ABN? Here’s how to get ABN finance for your new car fast.

Getting the right set up for your ABN car loan is just as important as picking the right vehicle. If you are a new business owner and you’ve had your ABN for between one day and 2 years, there are a range of ABN car finance options that might suit you better than a traditional car loan. Some popular finance options for new business owners include:

  • Low Doc ABN Car Loans
  • No Doc ABN Car Loans
  • Day 1 ABN Self Employed Car Loans

The key differences in these types of car loans compared to traditional car loans can be found in the application process. New ABN holders usually don’t have the same income related documents than normal company employees. To apply for the loans above you don’t always need to show pay slips, tax returns and banks statements. Certain lender may accept alternative evidence of income or cashflow including invoices, contracts and a letter from an accountant.

If you are looking for car finance as a new ABN holder, we can help identify your options. We work with a diverse range of lenders including big banks, peer to peer lenders, boutique lenders and other financiers who have loan types to suit many business owners.

To find out more, chat to the team. We’re here to help. Call 1300 844 970.