Leisure loan options for business owners are growing. Many lenders and financiers now offer great low rates ABN loans for self-employed motorbike enthusiasts who have their eyes set on their dream bike.

There a few different ways you can find a finance solution for an ABN motorbike. Self-employed finance solutions are often more flexible than traditional motorbike loans.

The types of loans suitable for self-employed ABN holders who want motorbike finance include:

• Low-doc ABN motorbike loans
• No-doc ABN motorbike loans
These loans don’t require as much proof of income paperwork during the application process, and if you use a broker, it’s likely you will be able to compare some great low rates to make the best decision for you!

If you are not ready to buy a bike, it’s still worth your while finding out what finance options are available to you while you search for the perfect model.

Our top tip for ABN holders looking for quick, affordable and flexible finance is to apply for pre-approval with a broker first. When you work with a broker to get pre-approval you get a good idea of how much you can borrow and which lenders have good rates that suit the set-up of your business and cashflow.

Getting pre-approval also helps when you are trying to negotiate the best buying price with the new or used bike seller. Many motorbike dealerships offer motorbike finance, however, not many traditional banks have a range of options for self-employed borrowers. Do your research and give yourself options, that way you know you are getting the best finance rate possible.

Our team can help.

We work with over 20 lenders including banks, peer to peer lenders, boutique lenders and other financiers who can help ABN holders buy the bike they’ve been wanting.

For more information on how to get a motorbike loan with an ABN, our team of brokers can help. Call us on 1300 844 970.