In the process of finding the perfect new car for you and the family? Even if you’re just looking around we’ve put together a list of 5 key safety features for 2017 that can give you extra peace of mind when you’re on the road.

Compromising on extras such as tinted windows, paint protection, and fancy wheels is okay when you need to save, but you should never compromise on safety.

Here are top 5 safety features to look out for when buying your next car:

Forward collision warning

This safety feature is designed to warn you if there is a slower or parked car ahead of you and within a distance of collision. This is a very useful feature for those consistently stuck in peak hour traffic. Some models with this feature also have automatic brake capabilities. More advanced systems can even detect pedestrians and cyclists.

Blind spot detection

This is a highly popular feature wanted by all new car buyers. Blind spots are an unfortunate cause of many road accidents. Blind spot detectors allow drivers to safely change lanes. Drivers are notified by triggered warning lights on their side mirrors if a vehicle is detected in their blind spot.

Adaptive headlights

Adaptive headlights significantly improve visibility on the road when driving at night or in challenging weather conditions. These smart headlights pivot with the movement of the car allowing for better control when traveling around corners. Many road accidents are results of poor visibility so this feature is a must-have for road safety and control.

Fatigue detection

Long trips with the family can be very challenging, however, if you’re fatigued you may be putting your family and others in great danger. Fatigue detection aims to minimize the risk of fatigue by alerting drivers to stop for breaks.

Reversing cameras

Since the early 2000’s when reversing cameras made a splash in the market they have been consistently considered a key safety feature for new car buyers. Reversing cameras generally give drivers a comprehensive view of potential hazards when reversing. Considering 11% of all accidents in Australia result from collisions while reversing, it’s no wonder it’s a popular feature.

Found the new car you want with all the safety and lifestyle features you desire? Well, you are almost ready to buy. Talk to us about a pre-approval or a competitive secured or unsecured car loan.