Don’t let good clients and sales walk away!

Increase your sales and profitability with Finance Referrals

Solve more problems, close more sales

You can get solutions for:

  • Short-term ABN holders
  • No GST registration
  • Short-term casual workers
  • No credit history
  • Low or poor credit scores
  • Paid / unpaid defaults
  • Rideshare and Uber applicants
  • Capacity issues
  • Older vehicles
  • System declines

Save more deals, close more sales

It can be frustrating when you think you’ve sealed the deal – only for it to come undone when your client’s loan application gets rejected.

But what happens then?  

Do you let the client (and the sale) walk away … or do you join over 300 car and motorcycle franchises, caravan dealers and other professionals who’ve already partnered with NFAL? 

Refer your client’s failed application to us and, with over 30 lenders on our panel, we’ll do the rest.



A commission model that works for you

You’ll love our industry-leading, flexible commission structure. We’ll work with you to create a payment schedule that works for your business and its cash flow needs.

How it works

  • Your regular finance partner declines the client’s application.
  • You submit their application via our online portal
  • Our experienced team processes the application 
  • You receive status updates via text or email
  • We find your client great finance
  • They sign the documents and drive away
  • You get your sale and commission paid quickly

✔ Over 80 years of combined experience
✔ Industry-leading, flexible commission structure
✔ All applications accepted
✔ Electronic submission process
✔ Automatic status updates
✔ Every application is workshopped by our team