Pack up the float, secure your horse safely and you’re on your way!

Sydney has a lot of adventure to offer all passionate horse riders; whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional there’s plenty for you and your pal to see. Even if you don’t own your own horse and float, there countless ranches where you can take the reins of a well-trained horse who will glide you through the scenery (hopefully). Here are our top 4 picks for thrill seeking hobby horse riders in NSW:

Glenworth Valley, Central Coast

Hop in your car, drive just over an hour (in the right directions) and you will get to this absolute gem of a location bursting with beauty and adventure. At Glenworth Valley Adventures there are over 200 horses ready to ride for those without a riding pal, but if you have your own horse, you can go solo and explore for up to 6 hours. That’s plenty of time in the beautiful bushland and rivers.

Sahara Trails, Port Stephens

Sahara Trails in Port Stephens offers something for all riders. Take your horse and canter along endless white sand dunes or along the beach. If greenery is what you are after on your adventures, there is plenty of it to be found on one of the many tracks at Sahara Trails. If you’re driving from Sydney you can get to Port Stephens in just over an hour. To make a weekend out of it pack up the family and the horse float and book accommodation at one of the many places that cater to travelers with horses.

Cascades Trail, North Sydney

Just over 30 minutes from Sydney, a ride along one of the many gorgeous tracks at Cascade Trails will help awaken your senses and revitalize your mind. The name of this hidden gem comes from the series waterfalls that are scattered across the park lands. Have a break or even a picnic at one of the many rock platforms or enchanted rock pools. Your horse will love to cool off at Middle Harbor or French Creek. As mentioned, there are many places you can go on horse riding adventures even if you don’t have a horse. On the other hand, there are many horse owners who are unable to go exploring because they don’t have a reliable horse float. In these situations, you can find a competition finance solution for a horse float that can fit into your budget and that you can pay off in no time.

Don’t wait for adventure, chase adventure!